Oompah Band

Oompah Band – A Bavarian Style Oompah Show Band

Introducing ‘Die Dorf Fest Kapelle’

Choose form a range of packages to suit your event including :

Traditional: Hear the traditional German and Bavarian Waltzes, Polkas and Marches. Audience participation is optional but always more than welcomeAn all round audience engaging hand clapping, musical evening with traditional German and Bavarian styled tunes.
  • Oktoberfest: Disco/Euro beat with many big favourites such as ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Country Roads’ all performed with an authentic Bavarian style. Audience participation withcompetitions and prizes, drinking games and more
  • Covers: Our authentic Oompah band complete with lederhosen covering many recognisable hits such as Titanium, Come on Eileen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Rockin’ all over the World etc. Ideal for bars, clubs and themed functions.

Authentic sounds from the live instrumental band, superb vocals from the lead singer and a diverse play list suiting all genres. Ideal for beer festivals, octoberfest parties, product launches, marketing and promotional events, commercial recordings and guest appearances.

The Bavarian Oompah Band is ideal for beer festivals, product launches, marketing & promotional events, commercial recordings and guest appearances, Die Dorf Fest Kappelle has had many TV appearances including BBC1’ s ‘ The One Show ’ and Comic Relief.

Add a little Oompah to your event with

‘Die Dorf Fest Kapelle Oompah Band’