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Oompah Music and Oktoberfest Music performed by Die Dorf Fest Kapelle Oompah Band. Listen here for some of the Oompah Music you can hear at all of our Oktoberfest events throughout the year. Whether you want traditional authentic sounds from Bavaria & the Oktoberfest festival, Karneval & Schuetzen festivals or the party soundtrack heard at the Oktoberfest now and at bars and clubs throughout the world.


Please do listen to the audio examples below of Die Dorf Fest Kapelle Oompah Band and the vast range of music we can offer your event. We are happy to take request prior to events and will endeavour to include any requests into our sets for your special event. We often are able to take requests on many of events that are held throught the world… anything is possible.

Schlager Party music just for the Oktoberfest


Traditional Oompah music and Pop Songs played in an Oompah Style

Our latest album which is availble on iTunes as well as on CD is full of Oompah Music heard throughout decades of the Oktoberfest and lets you hear the Oompah Music heard throughout our travels around the world.

Buy The Albumย available on iTunes

Oktoberfest Oompah Music audio


To purchase your own copy of our Album This is Oompah! on CD please click the buy now link below. Postage in the UK is free and will be shipped standard delivery. Shipping charges apply forย outside the UK, please contact for prices.

Don’t wait, own your own copy of Die Dorf Fest Kapelle Oompah Band’s Oompah Music with our album This is Oompah!






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