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DDFK Oktoberfest Band

DDFK Oktoberfest Band one of the Worlds leading Professional Oktoberfest Bands. Our annual Oktoberfest tour of South East Asia and the Middle East as part of Oktoberfest Bands Asia […]

DDFK Oktoberfest Oompah Party Showband


DDFK Oktoberfest Oompah Party Showband Please click any of the images below to see more of DDFK and who we are. The images below give you an insight into DDFK Oktoberfest […]

The Oktoberfest Party Band

Oompah Band

Hire The Oktoberfest Band – Die Dorf Fest Kapelle Oompah Band for a night, a day a Year to remember!

Diverse & Versatile

Oompah Band

Hire a Diverse and Versatile Oompah Band. The Most Diverse and Versatile Oompah Band yet maintaining the Traditional Oompah Sound.

This is Oompah

This is Oompah!

This is Oompah! This is Oompah! is the cover of our album of the same name. This album takes you through just some of the music you’ll hear at […]

Oompah Band – It’s a Wrap

Oompah Band

DDFK Oompah Band – It’s a Wrap Welcome to some of the images from our photoshoot and a little insight to some of the cities we have travelled to. […]

Oompah Band

Oompah Band

Welcome to our 2013 photoshoot for DDFK Oompah Band. Our gallery here gives you a look at the band and a little insight into us. We’ve been entertaining Oktoberfest […]


DDFK Oktoberfest Band

See below a sample of Oompah Band Testimonials from our clients and see what they have to say. Please do leave your Testimonials below or do vist our Facebook […]


DDFK Oktoberfest Oompah Party Showband Video Highlights from the Oompah Band’s Video as well as footage in our playlist from various Oktoberfest Parties around the world. Come and have a […]